Mutant Chronicles: Luna City Blues

Luna City Blues – Mutant Chronicles returns as an investigative horror RPG

Stockholm 2023-08-25

Mutant Chronicles: Luna City Blues is an upcoming tabletop RPG, reimagining the classic Mutant Chronicles IP as an investigative, rules-light mystery RPG, set in Luna City.

Luna City Blues is set in the city-state colony of Luna City in a dystopian future, with the player characters solving mysteries. It is a Noir-inspired, mystery-based RPG, with simple and straight-forward rules. The game places a focus on storytelling and will include a toolbox for creating mysteries.

The idea is to deliver a new and modern take on a classic RPG, while still paying homage to what has come before. The hope is to appeal to existing fans of Mutant Chronicles while also introducing the setting to new players. New fans can look forward to a very modern RPG, while returning fans will hopefully be excited by returning names involved in the project and by the chance to see their favorite world from a new perspective.

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the IP, and as a celebration, Necromakina is bringing it truly into the 21st century with a completely new game.

The game will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter later in the year.

The game is being developed under license by Necromakina, and written by acclaimed Swedish indie-RPG creator Mikael Bergström, whose credits include Kutulu (which has proven a major hit in Japan) and Our Friends the Machines for Tales from the Loop. Mikael has a long history of making narrative-focused mystery RPGs, and his favorite game has always been Mutant Chronicles.

“Mutant Chronicles was the game that got me into role-playing games to begin with! It has inspired many of my previous projects and getting the chance to work on this and bring a new version of the game to life is a dream come true.” says Mikael.

The other half of Necromakina is equally acclaimed RPG-writer Gabrielle de Bourg, known for writing scenarios to games such as Vaesen, Call of Cthulhu, and Tales from the Loop. She will contribute her writing to this game, and act as the project manager.

“It’s great fun to be a part of making this project. I hope to bring a new perspective, and see how we can make the game as interesting for newcomers as possible!” says Gabrielle.

Mutant Chronicles is a registered trademark of Mutant Chronicles International LLC.